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iTunes Gift Card Codes Will Get You Lots of Music (and the Artists Some Money)

You already know how to get music, movies, podcast, your favorite T.V. shows, and apps from iTunes by using iTunes Gift Card Codes. When you pay for iTunes gift codes, then you get access to all the entertainment of the US iTunes store.

Ever wondered how the artists who make the music you enjoy make money through iTunes? Does the artist’s salary depend on the album sales or something else? How exactly does that payment process work? How do artists get paid for their musical efforts?

A duo, band, singing group, or artist generally has one of two goals to make by placing music online. Either that person or group wants to make money, which is a common and understandable goal, or they want to have their music heard. This is also understandable.

What good is a candle if no one can see its light? Because of this online store, artists can have their music heard all over the world simultaneously, as consumers get free iTunes Gift Card Codes and redeem them at the US iTunes Store.

Long gone are the days of sleeping outside a store to make sure you got a copy of a new item. No longer do you need to stand out in the scorching heat or freezing cold to buy your favorite artist’s latest release.

You can shop online to get iTunes Gift Card Codes and then at the USA iTunes store to get your favorite music, tv shows or Movies without losing valuable time to go to the stores, find and listen to your music. You don’t need to buy a full album when all you want is one or two songs.

iTunes Gift Card Codes  Benefit

iTunes is a blessing for music lovers, but how does a music lover buying iTunes Gift Card Codes help artists make money? Do artists make as much money from sales on iTunes as they do when their albums are sold in physical retail stores?

In the past because of large production expenses and associated distribution shares, artists received a dollar or two from tangible album sales. Why so little? It is simple; many hands are going in one pot.

First, if the artist did not write his own music, composer royalties must be paid. Then there’s the actual cost of the CD and cover production itself. Let’s not forget the advertising budget which is extravagant. Of course, the publishing company needs a share, and the artist’s manager has to be paid. The amount an artist makes on each sale is getting smaller and smaller.

On the other hand, the figures on the amount artists make from online sales vary depending on the popularity of the artist and the label on which the artist performs, not directly on how much iTunes Gift Codes are sold. Royalties from online sales range from $1 to $2 per album sales too much less for single track sales.

Fact About Sales

iTunes claims to make very little off of music sales. It is rumored that recording companies enjoy a hefty profit off music downloads. This opinion may explain why so many musical artists are gung-ho to start their own music labels. Nothing could be better than being able to write yourself a check.

Nevertheless, some artists are opposed to companies like the iTunes US store because they feel digital sales affect their overall sales percentage. Online music stores emphasize the sale of singles as opposed to an album. Since an entire album costs more than one single, artists and some record companies feel that only albums should be sold to increase the profit margin.

A few artists actually claim their albums need to be sold whole because of artistic interpretation. Call it what you want to, but consumers, who don’t live in multi-million dollar homes and are trying to turn two packs of Ramen noodles and hot dogs into a gourmet meal, well, they call is greed. Prince is one artist who has recently spoken out quite loudly about the effect of the Internet on music. He basically wishes that the Internet never came into existence.

As a consumer, all I can say is, “thank goodness” for the US iTunes store and iTunes Gift Card Codes. It really is an awful thing that a famous artist can’t make enough money to have her dogs’ hairdresser visit more than three times a week with her current iTunes royalties, but life must continue 🙂