Free Google Play Gift Cards – No Survey Verification

How to Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards in 2019

One of the first features of an Android Smartphone is Google Play Store App. Google Play Store is something that every android user is undoubtedly aware of for you can download and install various kinds of Android apps, most of them for free, or a free trial version onto your devices.

Android-powered Smartphone has always been the most selling item and dominating platform in the digital market. Every android user uses the Google Play Store to download their favorite apps and is the most useful platform to find all your choicest Android apps and games.

With the easy access to smartphones, expenditures have also rapidly increased. However, Google Play Store has also got you covered even on that front, and there are plenty of apps which will help you recover some of the costs very easily.

Why do I need Free Google Play gift Cards?

Most of the apps that you generally download from the Play Store is free. However, some of them are also trial versions, and you might have to pay to get access to the full version of a certain app. There are also paid apps, and these either need money so that you can download and use them or you need Play Store Credit.

Free Google play gift cards giveaway

If someone tells you that you are being given free google play cards, wouldn’t that thrill you? Indeed it will. Google play gift cards for free would be a surprise bonus for anyone.

This article will tell you how you can make money using Android apps and earn free Google play credits. But firstly, we need to understand what exactly is Google Play Store Credit.

These gift cards can be easily retrieved online or from your Android devices, and the best thing about these Google Play Credits is that they do not expire. Here are some apps that will help you earn  free Google Play gift cards without survey or verification.

Google Play Store Application

This is an app that gives you real money that you can spend in the Google Play Store to purchase any app, movie, book, etc. of your choice. All you have to do is give your viewpoint n a topic. It is not a lot of money but sufficient to download paid apps and gifts cards that can be purchased with promo codes.

Steps :

1. Add Credits

Just follow the steps below to add credits:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Settings icon and go to My Account.
  • Click on Add credit/debit card or Redeem.
  • If you want to purchase, Google play credits using your credit/debit card, enter your card details and then save it.
  • If you want to Redeem cash, then you have to enter gift card or promo code.

2. Use Credit during Checkout

To use credit during checkout, follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click on the app/game that you want to purchase.
  • Next, Click on ‘Buy’ link on the webpage.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Choose the payment method or use the redeemed amount.
  • You can also add your card details in this section.

3. Check Play Store Balance

  • Go to
  • Click on Settings >> My Account.

Benefits of Google Play Store credit

Having this on your account prevents the regular annoying feature of having to add balance through your cards.
It allows quick access to download an app and makes the payment even quicker.
If you are a frequent user of these paid apps, then the credit added to your account is quite important and crucial.

Ways to Earn Free Google Gift Cards

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an official app that has been developed by Google Consumer Surveys. It is a very good alternative to get more free Google Play codes.

Here you do not need to add any money or have to buy any gift card to add it. Google Opinion Rewards will send you free surveys once in a week.

All you have to do is answer these surveys and receive up to a dollar’s worth of free Play Store Credits. The survey questions are very accessible and relevant.

Google Opinion Rewards has this feature of sending you a notification whenever a survey is ready to be answered, and the credit will be sent to your Play Store account.

This credit is the same as free Google play money. The app is free of cost and is accessible on every Android device.

How does Google Opinion Rewards work? We have a complete working procedure of Google Opinion Rewards for you.

Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards

Open Google Play Store, then search for and then install Google Opinion Rewards.

Step 2: Create your Profile

And after installing Google Opinion Rewards, you have to launch the app. After launching the app, you will receive a quick introductory blurb about the app which can be easily skipped.

This particular app will need you to provide some information about yourself which you can easily skip. The real purpose behind keeping a record of this information is to receive your demographics information which will be related to the surveys that are going to be sent to your accordingly, based on your age, language, address, locality, etc.

Google Opinion will take your permission whether you want to accept the occasional surveys that will be sent to you so that you can pick from the options.

After the creation of your profile, you’ll be directed towards the dashboard of the app where every user can view their Google Play credit and reward history. The availability of any survey will be sent to you as a notification that can be easily displayed on the Google Opinion Rewards dashboard.

Step 3: Take the Survey

After you’re done creating a profile, you’ll be directed to the application’s main menu. There will be an overlay explaining how this app will function and how the user will be notified when a survey is available.

You can tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss this, and you will be able to view y our Opinion Rewards dashboard. All you have to do is answer all the surveys as genuinely as possible.

There are also a couple of surveys for free Google Play gift cards; the paying surveys will lead to crediting your Google Play account after the completion of these surveys.

Your available balance can be checked from your menu and can be easily used to purchase whatever you wish to purchase from the Google Play Store.

2. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is one of the most famous apps that not only rewards free gift cards to be used for Google Play but also rewards gift cards for multiple platforms such as Amazon, Xbox, Spotify, Skype, etc.

freemyapps google play codes


This app is the best for it helps you earn free Google Play redeem codes, and you can get these credits by simply trying the new free apps and games and lets you redeem for credits for free gift cards.

Here are steps on how to get free Google play gift cards with FreeMyApps –

  • Install FreeMyApps from the Google Play Store
  • Download and play the free apps and games.
  • Credits can be earned by simply trying these apps and games.
  • These credits can be redeemed for free gift cards.

3. Free Gift Cards app

The Free Gift Cards app is one of the best that also lets you access free credit for not only Google Play Store but also Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, Paypal and so much more.

This app will offer you multiple deals that need to be completed before you can earn your rewards. With this app, you will be able to earn points by running apps, watching videos and inviting your friends to try the Free Gift Cards in Point Offers and logging into the app each day.

Free Gift Cards is one of the best apps that offers you free credit for Google Play Store without verification,

Steps on How to use Free Gift Cards app –

  1. Install the Free Gift Cards app from the Play Store.
  2. Complete offers to earn free play credits.
  3. Redeem rewards with points.
  4. You can also invite friends and earn points.

4. AppNana

AppNana like the other apps that have been mentioned in this list is also one of the most popular rewards apps that will offer free credit to be used in the Google Play Store, Amazon, Xbox, iTunes, etc.

Appnana for Free Google Play Codes


This app will let you try the app for free and redeem your gift cards to use them, and you need to open these apps after installation so that you can earn the points.

How to install AppNana

  1. Install AppNana from Play Store.
  2. Download the free apps to earn rewards.
  3. Receive your points and redeem them for your gift cards.
  4. Receive 400 points daily for logging into the app on a regular basis.

5. JunoWallet

JunoWallet is also another brilliant app that will give you free Google Play gift cards and reward points that can be earned by playing games, watching videos, completing various surveys and by inviting your friends and gift cards by JunoWallet for Amazon, iTunes, Xbox and many other stores.


juno wallet gift cards no human verification


How to install and use Junowallet

  1. Install JunoWallet from Play Store.
  2. Sign up using either Facebook or an Email id.
  3. Download apps or complete various surveys to get your free credit.
  4. After earning some credits, you can easily check out the online store and choose your reward.

6. Cubic Reward

Cubic Reward offers free Google Play Codes, and you can get access to these by simply downloading and playing games on your Android device.

cubic rewards


These credits will help you purchase any apps or games from the Play Store and is a very secured app that allows quick access to every app. You can use these free credits for Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and so much more.

How to use Cubic Reward app –

  1. You need to install Cubic Reward from the Google Play Store.
  2. Now you can browse and download your favourite apps and games.
  3. Run these apps and games on your device to earn reward points.
  4. You will also be able to earn credits by referring the Cubic Reward app to your friends.
  5. Earn bonus points for using the app every day.
  6. You can redeem the credits to earn free cash or gift cards.

7. Following Influencers

Giveaways are a very great way of getting good things. It is a little gamble and matter of chance. If the luck works with you, free Google play gift cards are yours without surveys.

If you are not aware of what giveaways are, Influencers and bloggers often announce a lot of giveaways in collaboration with a lot of firms. This is a great way of gaining fame and likes on the social media.

It helps both the blogger and the firm. There are little tiny tasks that are supposed to be done to be eligible to participate int the giveaway. That will include liking the other person’s page, liking the firm’s page or making a story about it on social media.

A lucky draw takes place for the all the contestants the few of the participants can get Free Google play gift cards codes (only if the reward for the giveaway was it). Every time the rewards are different according to the type of product that they deal in.

8. Tap Cash Rewards

One of the most simple and efficient apps that will let you earn credit codes, Tap Cash Rewards similar to other apps, you will have to download free apps and the games to earn your points and redeem the free Google Play gift cards. These credits can be used for Google Play Store, Amazon, Freecharge, Skype and so much more.

tap cash rewards no survey


How to install and use Tap Cash Rewards

  1. You have to install the Tap Cash Rewards app from Play Store.
  2. Download the latest games and apps using Tap Cash Rewards.
  3. You will have to play these free games and will also have to run the apps to complete the offer and earn credits.
  4. After you earn enough credits, you can also use these credits to redeem the gift cards or cash rewards.
  5. You can also invite your friends and earn more credits.

This is a win-win situation; you have got nothing to lose in here. These are some of the ways in which you can earn Google play credits easily. So now it is very easy to earn more and more free Google Play codes!!

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