Get Free Xbox Live Codes No Human Verification 2019

Get Free Xbox Live Codes Doing Surveys

Hello people! Hope you are doing amazingly well. Today we are going to share with you something that can save a lot of your money and efforts. Here, in this blog, we will give you the best ways of how can you get free Xbox Live Codes without human verification.

We know that you have been searching all over the web to find this blog and now, the wait is over. In this blog, you will get the best ways by which you, can actually get free 12 Months Gold Membership for Xbox games and accessories.

Why XBox Live Gold Membership ?

Now the main question comes why do you need these cards? It is easy to guess as the name suggests that Microsoft provides these cards that are of a certain amount which allows the user to get their favourite application as well as accessories at free of cost. You can redeem the amount in live codes directly into your account.

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Problem is Microsoft launches these cards very occasionally hence it is a very rare chance to get a free Xbox code just by using your luck. But don’t worry we know at a young age there is a big craze for playing games and all but parents do not provide the cash to buy the games. So today you will see the best ways by which you can get free Xbox LIVE CODES and all.

How to get free Xbox Live Codes Without Human Verification:

1. Make a new Xbox account:

This will help you get a free Xbox live codes for joining the league. After creating an account go to the subscription page and select Gold membership. Here you will be rewarded with 1 month free Xbox live gold membership. They may ask for your credit cards and other billing information to proceed.

Note: One thing you should keep in mind that you can get only three trial accounts per console. Also, be sure to cancel your trial membership once it’s over otherwise you will be charged for the next month.

2. By completing surveys:

There are a lot of sites that collaborate with Microsoft and do the work of making people fill the surveys and in return are rewarded with free Xbox Live Codes. So this is an easy way to fill any small survey, and you will get the card of your choice.

3. Keep Your Eyes on Reddit for Free Xbox Live Codes:

You have to find some good subreddits where gamers giveaway Xbox codes. It is little hard to find actual Giveaway, as most of the post you will find there are Requests for Xbox Live Gold Codes. I have myself seen a couple of post about the giveaway, so it’s worth to check there once a week. You may subscribe some subreddit listed below to get alert and catch the offer fast.

reddit giveaway for free xbox live codes No Human verification


4. By writing blogs:

There are a lot of content writing websites that provide work to the person and in return pay in the form of live codes. In fact, not only writing there are a lot of small jobs that you can do.

5. Buy New Xbox Games:

You can get 48 hr free Xbox live trial codes without human verification when you buy new games.

6. By Using Apps:

There are many Apps which reward you Xbox live gold membership codes on completion of certain tasks, surveys, watch videos or advertisements, captcha solving, etc.. They reward you with some points on successful completion of the task, and those points can be redeemed to get up to 12 Months gold membership.  Usually, these tasks are boring and time-consuming but worth the efforts.

List Of the Apps you can use:

AppNana, PointPrize, Swagbucks, points2shop, Blitz gift

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7. By following certain groups:

There are a lot of groups on facebook Instagram as well as many famous social networking sites that require you to follow them, and in return, you will get the best news feeds and notifications of free cards and information related to that.

8. By purchasing a lot of products from Xbox. Microsoft rewards here also in the form of free cards.

9. By writing a review of a certain game, you get a response from the public. And if somehow you manage to get a good response you may get a mail from Microsoft that contains free live codes for XBOX.

10. Sign Up For Bing rewards:

bing rewards

Here you can get points for searching with bing, the points you earned can be redeemed for Xbox Live Subscription, do it only if you have plenty hours to burn.


Note that there are a lot of sites that claim to provide free generators but they are utter nonsense as it is very logical that it is impossible to get free Gold Codes from Microsoft. Why would a company make itself bankrupt?  Use these methods to get free Xbox Live Codes.

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