Free Xbox Gift Cards 2019 [ Working List]

Microsoft free Xbox Gift cards are essential as they can be used for purchasing any digital content from the windows and Xbox ecosystem. This ranges from movies, music, games, tv shows and more. But if gaming is your attention, then there are Xbox gift cards which you can use to get them.

What are the best ways to spend your Free Xbox Gift Cards?

An Xbox gift card comes with no fees or expiration dates, so they can be used to buy:

  • Subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold as well as Xbox Game Pass.
  • The latest tv shows and movies.
  • Various accessories and devices for Surface and Xbox One.
  • Popular apps, games, and add-ons.

You can redeem the free Xbox gift cards by going to the redeem subpage of Microsoft’s site.

How can you see your Xbox gift card balance?

Whenever you redeem a gift card or core, then that amount automatically gets added in your Microsoft account balance. To view and manage your account balance, follow the following steps:

  • You will have to just go to your account from
  • Now sign in to your account.
  • After that, just follow the prompts which will ultimately tell you to choose the payment and billing options.

How to redeem the Xbox gift card?

The easiest method to view and redeem your personal Microsoft account balance is by going directly to Microsoft’s website. Then:

  • Head over to your account and then sign in.
  • On the bottom left-hand side of the dashboard, you will be able to see your current available account balance.
  • It is on that bottom left-hand side you will be able to redeem the gift cards and even send gift cards of your own.

How can you get Free Xbox Gift cards?

One way to get Xbox gift cards is if you buy them with your own money. The other way is if someone gifts you. But there is another way of getting Xbox gift cards and then playing the games you want- this is by getting free gift cards. Here’s how to get them:

GPT sites offers easy ways to get Xbox gift codes

You will get to earn points by completing offers. Follow the following steps to get started:

  • Submit your email address for the company’s newsletter. You may also be asked to fill out a survey.
  • The points which you will earn from these can be exchanged for prizes like free Xbox gift cards codes.

These offers can be easily completed in an hour or so, and you might be able to gather enough to get a free code. This site is also respectable in that they carefully screen the offers so they pick the most trustworthy advertisers. But it’s safe to pick the offers which you are comfortable doing. You can rest assured that you will get free access to all the new Xbox games by earning points from PointsPrizes.

GPT Reward Apps For Android And iOS

You can get free Xbox gift codes by just following some simple steps:

  • First, you will have to sign up for a free account and then you will have to log in.
  • After you get in, you will have to option of completing market research surveys, watching videos or signing up for some brand name offers.
  • You will get to earn points for each such activity which you complete. All this is absolutely free to participate in.

You should always keep in mind that you will only get the points if you complete the task so don’t leave any task midway. Once you have gathered enough points, just choose a gift card from the hundreds of brands. You can also redeem them using PayPal.

Get Free Xbox Gift Codes with Reward Sites

Bing Reward undoubtedly has one of the most rewarding online programs. Using Bing Rewards, you can earn points by simply doing some regular tasks. These tasks can include watching videos, taking surveys as well as downloading apps. You can then use them to redeem a lot of rewards like free Xbox gift cards. To get started you will have to:

  • Go to Bing rewards page and then register free of any charge.
  • Once there you will have to give the required information to register yourself.
  • Then you will get an invite code to your email address. This code will allow you to earn points and do tasks from the get-go.
  • Begin browsing the available tasks of the site. The list is always continuously updated to include playing games, answering surveys, downloading apps and more.

Make a note that the number of points which you will make depends completely on the complexity of the task. Here, one thousand points are what’s equivalent to 1$ in real-world money. Also, you shouldn’t ditch a task after you have started it or you won’t get the points for it. Once you have finally reached a minimum amount of 2000 points, you can then claim your Xbox redemption code over at the reward store. The codes will be mailed to you.

Xbox Live Rewards

This is actually an app which will work if you have an Xbox gaming platform along with an Xbox live account. Xbox Live Rewards lets you earn rewards points which can then be redeemed for various prizes and free Xbox gift cards. To get those points, you will have to complete some missions and tasks.


If you test and download the latest games and apps in your free time, then you should give AppNana a try. This site will give you some reward points for each game and app which you use and download. The selection here is always changing so you will never get bored. Also, the reward points from here can be redeemed into free Xbox gift cards. Also, you don’t have to keep every app which you test.

These sites and apps will let you earn reward points and such similar things, which can then be redeemed to get the Xbox gift cards. You will just have to give it some of your time to get the reward points instead of shelling out money from your pockets. As such, this is certainly an attractive option and one which is sustainable in the long term.