Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly – No APP No Survey [20 Ways]

Your love for Instagram is evident from your reaching this site. If you aspire to have a great following on your favourite social media platform called Instagram, then this blog is totally for you.

The quest for quick followers on Instagram is over as you have reached the ultimate location to find a foolproof manner to procure a lot of followers.

Follow these steps to get more Instagram followers for free:

1. The use of some prevalent hashtags

There are some hashtags which only intend to get you more followers. If anybody sees that photo of your will get an idea of the intention of the tag and if that person also shares the same purpose of getting a follower, each of you gets a new follower. For example: #Followforfollow, #tagforlikes, #likeforlike, #followback and many more.

2. Contact an influential Instagrammer to feature you

If there is a friend of yours who is pretty influential on this social media site and his/her posts get a lot of likes and have a lot of followers. You can request them to feature you too. If an influential friend of yours endorses you online, that could be the best thing that can happen to you. If you don’t have a friend, you can pay some influential persona too. They can feature you online.

3. Choose a particular theme of your Instagram profile

If you have a nice particular theme of posts, like if you are a blogger of lifestyle, fashion or food, you may get a lot of followers. Blogging can be very well executed through the Instagram portal, and it is a very successful deal here. Bloggers gain a lot of popularity and gain a massive number of followers.

4. Organize a contest

Competition grabs a lot of attention. Keep a condition to follow a particular page of yours to enter that contest. This method is practiced by a lot of companies when they organize any free Instagram Followers giveaway like pinpointwhy giving away 10k free followers for promotion . They have a specific condition to make people enter the contest.

5. Features on other social media pages

If you put up your Instagram link on the status of your Snapchat story or your facebook status, your friends can now look into your Instagram page and follow you there.

6. Have good content on your posts

If you have good content which is adored by a many people, eventually more people will come to know about you, and they will follow you.

7. Make your account public

Public accounts get more followers than that of a private account; there is a reason attached to it. From a private account, you cannot really judge the account just from the description given above. A public account features all the posts that is how one can judge whether the account needs to follow or not. If yes! The following gets a hand to hand.

8. Make engaging posts

People keenly read the captions which include their involvement. Try making such posts; this will motivate them to participate and create an impact on their minds.

9. Prefer posting on weekends

It is undoubtedly assuring that people use most of the social media on their free days. Weekends are the best free time one may get.

10. Using the find and invite friends option

There are a lot of your friends who must be using Instagram, what are friends for? Well, this is the best opportunity to solve your purpose. Invite them to Instagram and make them follow you.

11. Use the feature of geotagging

If you are at some specific location and you tag that place in your picture, others tagging the same place would know about your presence. This can make you grab some attention.

12. Create variety in your post and influence your potential followers

Use your creativity and post multiple photos, or use nice attractive frames in your photos. This is how you mobilize your posts with your potential followers.

13. Tag people in your posts

If you tag along with your friends, who are there in the picture you tend to get more likes and attention.

14. Let others post pictures of you and make them tag you too

If you are in the feed of others, that person’s followers would notice you and they would intend to stalk you first and follow you too. Never hesitate about being in other people feed, they might get the likes, but you also get a lot of attention.

15. Make a hashtag of your own

A self-created and unique hashtag can do wonders. The best wonder would be you getting a lot of followers. This will increase your visibility on Instagram.

16. Use the Instagram story and make appealing stories with them

In the search section, the story feeds also appear, if you create good stories and the user would get keen to follow you.

17. Like photos of other users whom you would like to follow you

Hit like on some photos so that your contact reaches to the target followers that you have in mind.

18. Get guests on your Insta feed

If you have suitable contacts, you can get some influential people on your feed to enhance the value of the post and make your profile renowned.

19. Have an attractive name

A name is a key to the first impression. If you have a good name on Instagram, it will make users eager to know more about you and your lifestyle. They would want to follow you and look into your feed.

20. Arrange and engage with users of your same kind.

Make an effective and efficient group of our kind of Instagram users. You can help each other with gaining followers and popularity for each other.

These are the 20 possible ways of getting free Instagram followers instantly without any use of any false generator. Use them and get as many followers as you want to. We hope that you liked this blog post.

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