Free eShop Codes For Nintendo Switch Games

Are you looking for Free Nintendo Eshop Codes?

Pokemon, Resident Evil, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Tetris and more are games which you must have played at least once in your lifetime. Whether you have paid attention or not, but these are games which are developed by Nintendo and as such, they can be enjoyed on Nintendo switch and their other devices.

While many consider Microsoft Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation to be the leaders in gaming, but Nintendo isn’t giving up without a fight. So they are also concentrating on getting a membership. For this, they have started up a service called Nintendo Switch Online. It comes with multiple subscription methods that depend on the month you have opted in for.

What are the prices of Nintendo switch?

Their prices are:

  • $3.99 for just one month
  • $7.99 for just three months
  • $19.99 for just 12 months

What are the benefits of using Nintendo Switch?

With Microsoft and Sony in the market, it’s a reasonable question to ask. After all, why should one invest in a Nintendo switch? Here are some reasons why:

  • You will get access to an amazing collection of both old and new games.
  • You can get cloud storage for putting your game data. The prices for it range from 20$ to 50$ depending on the type you choose.

What is Nintendo Free eShop Codes ?

After you have got your Nintendo switch or Wii U, you need some money to play those games. Here come eShop codes. eShops are popularly known as Nintendo eShop codes. These are gift cards which comes with some type of price attached to it.

Nintendo Eshop cards

All you need to do is buy these cards and then redeem them over on eShop cards on Nintendo 3DS or Wii U family of systems. You can also get them for free from various places if you don’t want to shell out real money over them. There won’t be any hassle in redeeming them. But remember that these eShop codes can only be redeemed online.

What can you get from the free eShop gift cards?

From the eShop codes, you can get old and new games, game characters, game inventory or maps, new upgrades, and game weapons too.

What advantage is there of using Nintendo eShop Code?

There are a lot of times when you don’t want to share your credit card details online. This mainly is done and should be done for safety reasons. When circumstances dictate that you can’t use your credit card or bank details to make game purchases online, then you can use free eShop codes.

They all work like same, as in they have a denomination inscribed on it which gets added to your Nintendo eShop code account. These eShop codes can also be gifted to others like family members too. They can then redeem them on their personal Nintendo account.

How can one get Free Nintendo eShop Codes?

There are lots of methods which you can employ to get free Nintendo eShop codes. But most of them require your patience and time. This is because you will probably have to complete a little task. Here are some ways you can get Nintendo free eShop codes:

1. Check for Gold Points offered by My Nintendo

My Nintendo’ offers a lot of chances where players can win free gold points. First off, if you download ‘First Skunk Bundle’ on your Wii U console, then you will be immediately eligible for about 30 gold points.

You should try to snatch up such offers because gold points are really hard to get and many players use real money to get them. You should keep on checking the ongoing offers section in Nintendo to find games that come with gold point offers or even game bundles.

2. GPT sites offer eShop codes

GPT sites actually come with one of the most extensive online rewards programs. Here doing simple tasks like watching videos, taking surveys and such other regular tasks will let you earn rewards points. You can then use those points to reap lots of rewards, and these include free Nintendo eShop codes.

So, first, register at GPT sites for free of charge. Once you have been registered, you will get an invite code on your email address. This code will immediately let you earn points and will also enable you to start doing tasks. After you are done with the registration, you can start browsing the site for any available task like completing offers, watching videos, answering surveys, etc. The points you make depends on the complexity of the task.

From then on, you can download games and download further content for your Nintendo switch or other devices.

3. Claiming the Free Nintendo eShop Codes

Once you have accumulated 18,000 minimum points; you can finally claim your Nintendo eShop code. The codes will all be immediately sent to your email address. You can then use them immediately.

4. Mobile Reward Apps offer free eShop codes

Some apps run a reward program, but that comes with a limited time offer. Here various adverts bring their products to Reward Apps so that they can get those promoted. You can enter it, no strings attached or without paying any fees.

There you can choose from the many latest giveaways. To avail this offer, you will have to submit your email and name. After this, just browse the site’s many available tasks. These include answering surveys, downloading apps, playing games and such. Remember that you will get the points only if you complete the task, so don’t ditch it midway.

Sites to be careful of

There are many such above sites which offer free points on registering and on playing games or downloading apps. They are based on a simple idea of promoting their sponsors. But there are some sites which you should be wary of:

  • There are some sites which tell you that they will hack servers to get free codes. But it is pretty much impossible for one-page websites to crack a huge server to get the code. So don’t fall for those traps.
  • There are also many websites which claim to give eShop codes for free but don’t actually. They will make you take a random survey, but won’t give you the eShop codes after you have completed it.

Final Thought

There are some methods which will get you free eShop codes and you can then redeem to play the games or get the upgrades you want. Following the easy steps will let you enjoy the games without paying for it at all.